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Weekend Wramblings: Fall Break

Weekend Wramblings: Fall Break

My school is really funny in that it’s not funny at all how short our fall break is. It’s basically a three-day weekend. But you know what? I will take any chance I can get to justify coming back to my beloved city to see family, friends, and pets. I’m a sucker for any kind of break in the routine of school, and I think most students are. Want to know my favorite things about being home from college? Well, since today is my last day home for fall break, I thought I’d share a few with ya just for kicks.

Being at home

I know breaks are for fun outings and shopping with your parents’ money and spending your time living up the weekend. But I’ll be my usual honest self and tell you that one thing I love the most about being home is just being home. I love my bed, and no dorm room mattress will ever compare to it. I love that my shower has full water pressure. Anyone else? Just me?

I love being able to cook on a stove and in an oven because I’m a wifey nerd. And I especially love laying out on the couch in my living room and just being there with family or just my dog. Nothing like that old couch. There are certain things that I miss about home that I don’t even realize until I’m back home again. And those are the things that make break so special.

People from home

FaceTime and all of the technological developments we’ve made as humanity make seeing loved ones easier than ever. But there’s nothing that compares to being able to have face-to-face conversations with friends and family members. Whether it’s over a meal or coffee, or even side by side watching your favorite TV show, quality time is important to any relationship. I love making plans with any friend who is in town and available while I’m home. I tend to overbook myself as a result, but it’s worth it to me to see the people I love.

Hometown haunts

There are some places in the city where I grew up that will definitely never make it to the small town where I go to school. Now, there is nothing at all wrong with small towns. I love my little college town and all its charms and flaws. But I adore my hometown. I make a point to prioritize the stores and restaurants that I miss the most when I’m away at school. It’s an obvious thing that most people probably do, but for all my fellow students who go to school in the middle of nowhere, this is especially important. Keep your sanity by getting your Target fix (if your situation is as drastic as mine) while you’re home.


What’s your favorite part about being home from school?