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Dealing with Difficult Professors

Dealing with Difficult Professors

You’ve had them. Professors or teachers who make you wonder if they’ve ever taught a class before. That’s not to be harsh, some people just aren’t cut out to teach, especially in certain subjects. And once you’re stuck with a certain prof, there’s often not […]

My week of outfits

My week of outfits

Hey friends! Me here, your friendly neighborhood type-A. I hope you’ve seen my guest post over at A Pint Sized Life by now, but if not, go over there right now and check it out! I wrote about my love for Polyvore and how awesome […]

Weekend Wramblings: Motivation

Weekend Wramblings: Motivation

This week was so much better, you guys. I was in some kinda way last week with stress and wanting to quit nursing school. And I do know that what I felt was valid and real at the time. But looking back now, I know that this kind of thing will come in waves for me. I had a bunch of exams and the stress that came with them. They were graded and I did fine. I had a practical exam and I was stressed outta my mind for that, but I finished and passed. So maybe I’m just restating what I said last weekend: it will pass. The stress and deadlines and working your rear off for a passing grade… All of this is part of school and definitely real. But it is not the end goal you are looking forward to.

I find some of these tips helpful to give me the motivation I need to survive the academic slumps.

Setting goals

One of the most important things I can do to help me succeed is to set goals for myself. These can be small goals like a daily to-do list. These kinds of goals help me celebrate even the small successes of getting something done. And then there are the bigger goals like life plans. I am currently planning to become a nurse after I graduate college. Keeping that goal and the bigger picture in mind has helped me so much over the last year plus. Every exam that I take is a step toward that goal, no matter how boring the class or how tough the topic.

It can be really impactful to find someone who is literal #goals to you! Is there someone in your life who inspires you? Anyone in the field you hope to go into who is everything you dream of being one day? It’s completely legit to have that person to look up to as a role model for your career and your life. A real person proves that what you are shooting for is actually possible! The best type of person is one you can talk to and have a relationship with. Having that person as a mentor beside you can be the best motivation out there!

Eye on the prize

It can be cheesy, but having something visual has helped me as well. I love finding motivational quotes on Pinterest. When I find one that is a) pretty and b) impactful and applicable to me, I like to make it my background. Here is my current one:

it always seems impossible until it's done

It’s just a silly little reminder that I see like 18,000 times per day that can keep me on track.

I also have a verse on a little DIY dry-erase board on my desk. I like to change this verse out every week or so, but I always choose something motivating and centering for me.

Find your inspiration and put it right where you can see it!

Reward yourself

This is one of the basics when it comes to motivation. Once you achieve a goal, even a small one, give yourself the credit you deserve. You are doing hard work here. College is no joke, and neither is being an adult. So, celebrate the little moments of achievement and success and treat yo’ self! One of my faves is planning out my Hulu binges based on my goals. If I finish a blog post, I get to watch an episode. If I write an outline for my speech, that’s another episode. Study well for two hours? Yep, another episode.

Mayyybe not the healthiest option there is, but definitely not the worst. And the most important thing is that it keeps me on track and gives me motivation!


Here’s to all the deadlines you have to meet before Monday. You can do it, I promise!

Dealing with stress

Dealing with stress

You might have caught the drift that I’m going through a lot of stress right now with school. See my recent Weekend Wramblings. Needless to say, most of this stress is coming from the fact that I am a nursing student. But I know every […]

Study tips for exams

Study tips for exams

I don’t know about you, but I was not ready for everything college would throw at me when I was a freshman. Not only are you thrown into a new setting with new people, but you have to learn how to do school in a […]

Weekend Wramblings: Surviving the tough weeks

Weekend Wramblings: Surviving the tough weeks

Hey guys. It’s been a week. And since I’m still figuring out what these weekend wramblings posts are “supposed to” look like, I decided to use this one as a kinda spew of what my week was like. I’ll also share some things I learned from my rough week, so hopefully this can be helpful to me and you both.

So, to preface- all of the emotions I’ve been drowning in this week were only made worse by that good ol’ time of the month. Yeah, I’ve never been super private or shy about talking about that kind of stuff, and I do think that it’s something to be proud of. I mean, how many guys can say they can survive an onslaught of blood and gore combined with raging mood swings, cravings, and worst of all, cramps? It’s a wonder we survive it up to 12 times per year.

Add that fun fact to the beginning of nursing school full-swing mode. The short version: I was seriously considering quitting school and becoming a full-time dog walker and blogger.

(Sorry mom and dad)

But also, I’m still here, still studying nursing. Even looking at nurse’s aide positions to apply for as a summer job.

But between there and where I am now, it was a little rough. My roommate and I had an emotional Walmart run filled with aimless purchase decisions in an attempt to distract ourselves from overwhelming deadlines. There’s just so many things to remember and so many responsibilities we young students are expected to take on! I know we are adults now and are just being prepared for the real world. But for real, I don’t know that I’ll ever truly be ready for it!

So what did I learn over this week of collegiate misery?

Some weeks might just suck, but they’re definitely not the end of the world.

Obviously parents, mentors, and friends will tell you that “this too shall pass” and “it’ll get better, I promise.” But it can be hard, and I mean really hard to believe that in the moment. When I was thinking about the possibility of failing all three nursing exams and the practical test I had this week, I wasn’t okay. But by the end of the week, things really were okay. There will be ups and downs. The downs might be REALLY down. And sometimes you need to find help in another person, meditation, or other methods. No two people deal with stress and anxiety the exact same way. But remember, even if you have to tell yourself out loud: things WILL get better. I promise. And when they do, write it down in your journal or something to remind yourself that it really does happen. Next time, you’ll have the proof right in front of you.

People are the best people to talk to.

Obviously. But it can be easy to think that you are struggling through a rough patch alone. The truth is, you are on a campus (and in an entire world) full of people similar to you. Even if they are not going through the exact same thing, they can relate. How do I know? Because we are all human. And if there’s anything humans do really well, it’s being human and having faults. And with those faults come rough times. Look for those people near you in your life you can talk to. I talked everything out with my roommate and my best friend from home. And believe me, even though I feel like crying when I have to say my problems out loud, something about speaking them makes them lose their power. When you can share your rough patch with someone else, it becomes a little less rough. Even if you’re right in the middle of it, sharing with another human can make it a little lighter.

Hormones are a real b

Don’t forget that if you are one of us humans who bleeds once a month, your emotions may not always be 100% trustworthy. Looking back on the beginning of the week, I can definitely see where my hormones threw my perspective out of whack. Only around this time do I get so down on myself that I feel completely inadequate academically, socially, and spiritually. Also, I want to cry. Like all the time. It can be overwhelming to add those emotions on top of the real responsibilities piling on top of you. So take a step back in those moments and consider your circumstances. And give yourself a pat on the back for being a woman and surviving such horrors.


Thanks for bearing with me, friends. I like keeping it real in these posts.


How to write a fundraising letter

How to write a fundraising letter

I’ve gone on my fair share of mission trips, but you best believe I didn’t pay for them all myself. I couldn’t have done any of the mission trips I did in high school without the support of friends and family. How did I get […]

Reading, Watching, Listening

Reading, Watching, Listening

I’ve got my first clinical this morning. So I’m gonna keep this short. In the free time that I do actually have (surprisingly), I’ve been really enjoying trying out new things. I’ve stuck to the same few Netflix shows, music artists, and book genres for […]

Weekend Wramblings: Thrift Shopping

Weekend Wramblings: Thrift Shopping

So this post is going up late because I’m a terrible blogger and I ended up being out late last night

yas lit Friday night woo

But I completely neglected my blogging responsibilities. Not that it’s like a duty or anything. But maybe it’s a responsibility to myself to have a little more discipline. Part of why I started this blog was to follow through on a plan for myself! (See my first blog post)

So I’m trying to post 3 times per week, and we’ll see how long I can keep that up. I’m posting right now on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. I wanted to turn my Saturday posts a little bit looser, since (full disclosure), I’ll mostly be writing them on Friday nights or Saturday mornings because I’m a SLACKER.

Hence this new series, Weekend Wramblings. No, I’m not off my rocker. I know how to spell ramblings.

Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite types of shopping to do in college: thrift shopping!

-Cue the Macklemore song-

Why not thrift shop?

I think thrift shopping is totally underrated. I mean, seriously. I know when I was in middle school, when someone would ask where I got something and I knew for sure I had gotten it at a thrift store, I would sorta mumble, “I don’t know, somewhere? Maybe Target?”

Thrift shopping, although something I did a lot, wasn’t something to be proud of. Probably didn’t help that a lot of my friends wore name brands (like those Aeropostale sweatshirts that said the name right across the chest?)

But needless to say, being a college student has changed my perspective in so many ways. I mean, I think it started in high school when I had more friends who would openly admit to buying thrift. But being in college it’s a little different. I’m surrounded by poor millennials in a town with limited shopping options but a pretty bomb Goodwill. There’s no shame and actually a whole lot of pride if you can tell someone that ~adorable~ dress is actually a Goodwill find.

So long story short, I’m now an incredibly vocal supporter of the practice of thrift shopping. I wholeheartedly believe that thrift shopping is an amazing way to spend as little money as possible and find unique, trendy, and cute clothes.

Don’t go in blindly

One pro tip from this thrift shopper: don’t go thrift shopping blindly. And I don’t mean go in with a shopping list. But know a few things before you open the doors to that Salvation Army.

First, make sure you know a little bit about the store where you’re shopping. Does it support a charity you like? That’s one great way to choose a thrift store if you have a good selection in your area. Do they have sales on certain days of the week? Hit up your store only when the best deals are happening to save even more moolah.

Second, have some sort of a game plan. Know what sections you have to get to. For me? Men’s sweaters and women’s pants. Trust me, some of the comfiest bulky sweaters and sweatshirts are in the men’s section.

Finally, do you plan to try on? If so, try to limit yourself. If there is a try on area in the thrift store, it will be in high demand if it’s a popular shopping day. For the sake of other people in the store, be considerate. Don’t bring in 10 tops and 7 pairs of jeans if you’re pretty sure only 3 tops and 2 pairs are even your size.


Stick with some of these ground rules and you can have an awesome thrift shopping spree! Have fun!

Go-To Look for Class

Go-To Look for Class

You know those mornings. Wake up to your horrifying alarm sound and all you want to do is roll over and go back to sleep…so you do? And suddenly it’s 15 minutes until you have to leave for your first class? Yep, sounds like about […]