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Finals Week Survival Guide

Finals Week Survival Guide

Happy Finals Week!

If your semester schedule is like mine, you are headed into that dreaded/also amazing tmie of the year we know as finals! I, for one, do not actually mind finals week. Like at all. It honestly feels really nice to be done with classes and to be able to dedicate my time 100% to studying.

Lol, yeah right.

I’m serious about the not having classes part. But it’s so. Stinking. Hard. To stay motivated when there’s nothing to do but study!

So as you tackle this finals week and get ready to head home for the holidays, let me share some tips with you on motivation, studying, and avoiding mental breakdowns!

Motivation during finals week

Like I said, this part can be tough, especially since finals week doesn’t follow the usual daily schedule you might be used to. The downside to this is that you no longer have the structure that classes and usual daily activities provide to help organize your time. Often finals week is filled with straight “free time” that you have to organize to fit your study schedule.

My most helpful tip for this is to write out your schedule for this week. I actually started mine last week, since I had a lot of due dates and to-do’s last week as well. I made a little mini-calendar for the two weeks and wrote out everything on my schedule. For me this week, that includes scheduled review sessions, tutoring, and meetings. Once these were all written out, I wrote below the schedule my to-do list for that day. This allowed me to plan out my studying time and distribute it as evenly as possible.

Figure out an estimate of how many hours you will need to study for each final exam. Divide that up and spread out your study time over the course of the week so you don’t burn out! Also, schedule in meals and other little to-dos like packing for Christmas break.

Studying for finals

I won’t spend a ton of time on this topic, but check out my post on study tips for exams for some of my go-to advice! Hopefully, you have at least started studying or made study guides for your final exams. Finals can seem daunting because they cover so much material. But if you can section out the material and cover it over a period of a few days, it can be much more manageable!

Have a study plan that includes making a study guide or flashcards, reviewing notes or PowerPoints, and quizzing yourself over material. This last step is best done with a classmate, and both of you can review at the same time!

How not to have a mental breakdown

Sleep. See my post on how important it is; spoiler alert, it’s important. Staying up late is tempting but ends up making you feel worse in the long run! Go to bed, and find time to finish whatever you’re working on tomorrow!

Eat well. Your body and brain will both thank you. Staying up late should not mean eating late, so if you have to stay up late, keep snacking to a minimum and stick with a hot drink (not coffee) or some fruit/veggies.

Take breaks. Can’t bear to watch TV or read a book knowing you have studying to do? Take a productive break and shop for textbooks and Christmas gifts or pack for Christmas break! Listen to music and clear your mind, or do some yoga. Care for your mind and body to thrive during finals week!

See people. People are your best support when you are stressed! Introverted? Call home and cry about finals stress or grab coffee with a close friend. Extrovert? Use your study time to also be social and grab a study room at the library with classmates! We are the generation of multitasking!

Good luck on all your finals, and safe travels home for the holidays!