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Being sick at school

Being sick at school

It sucks. Waking up with that yucky feeling that almost convinces you to skip class, until you remember you have an EXAM today! And you barely studied so it’s twice as bad! Also, you have a speech tomorrow that makes you feel even more sick just thinking about it!

Anyone else? Just me?

Yeah, I was sick all this past week, and it was a real bummer. One of the times I miss home the most is when I get sick at school. There’s no Mom to bring you home Mucinex and extra tissues or make you tea. And it’s not high school where you can skip class and hang out in the nurse’s office for a while. College means toughing it out to get your money’s worth out of this expensive education!!

So, here’s some ways to make being sick at college stink (a little) less.

Go to class

Unless you’re, like, stomach sick and feeling pukey (or other stuff). Also, if you have a fever, please don’t go to class. But if you’re like me and have a little cold, stuffy nose, sore throat, etc. you can still go. And tough as it is, it really is worth it to be in class and not miss a day. Especially if you get sicker (hopefully not, of course!) and really do have to skip class. Someone once told me each day in class is the equivalent of like $25-100! Imagine how much money you’re losing if you skip a whole week of class!

But again, know yourself and don’t push too hard. Know your limits, and use your resources. Which brings me to tip #2…

Phone a friend

Need to skip class because you’re really sick? Still get your money’s worth by having a friend in that class (or, if you’re close with them, the professor) help you out! They can take notes on the lecture, collect an extra copy of the handout, or even record the lecture if they have permission! Use your resources to make the most out of your sick day.

Again, don’t push yourself, but if you do end up skipping class, try to be productive! It can be easy to fall behind if you miss a lecture, but if you feel up to it, you can use your downtime wisely. Read ahead and take notes, or go through the PowerPoint. Start making a study guide for the next exam. Use the extra time to rest as well! But don’t let yourself fall too far behind if you get sick. This cycle can really drag students down!


Take it easy

With all that said, rest is vital to recovery from sickness. Your mom told you this, any nurse or doctor will tell you the same thing. Rest gives your body time and conserves energy needed to heal. So how should you rest “effectively”? Sleep is ideal (see my blog post on the importance of sleep). If you can’t sleep, try to limit screen time and read a book or listen to a podcast. This can be a way to rest while still stimulating your brain! (Plus reading is fun!)

Make sure you are eating well and doing a little activity if you can. Don’t make the mistake I did and try to really work out when you’re sick, though! Stick to some light yoga just to keep your body moving if you can handle it. Once again, (I sound like a broken record) know yourself and don’t push anything too hard.


And at the end of the day, Mom and Dad often know best. Give them a call, cry to them if you need to (like me). They love you and tend to give pretty good advice on getting better. After all, they’ve lived longer, so they should know!


Hopefully, everyone stays healthy during the end of this semester! But if you are sick, remember to take care of yourself first and get well soon!