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Semester update

Semester update

I’m going to Haiti! I am so excited to be leaving in just 4 days. I can’t believe how fast this time has flown- it feels like just a few days ago I was in the uncertain application stage for this trip! It has definitely […]

Finals Week Survival Guide

Finals Week Survival Guide

Happy Finals Week! If your semester schedule is like mine, you are headed into that dreaded/also amazing tmie of the year we know as finals! I, for one, do not actually mind finals week. Like at all. It honestly feels really nice to be done […]

Weekend Review: November Ipsy Bag

Weekend Review: November Ipsy Bag

Yay for another Ipsy bag! And yay for finally getting another blog post up! I know I don’t have a large reader base right now, but I do apologize for my absence to those who do follow this blog. This semester has been amping up my stress level exponentially over the last few weeks. And I know, it’s college and to be expected. But I’m still getting used to the whole blogging thing, and I’m trying to stay more disciplined in writing and posting at least weekly. I definitely have not held to that very well, but I am working on it!

On that note, let’s jump right into what I thought of this past month’s Ipsy bag. Spoiler alert: I LOVED it.

Clark’s Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask

Let’s start with what I wasn’t in love with. I’ve actually received this product in an ipsy bag before, and I wasn’t thrilled to get it again. It claims to double as a mask and a moisturizer. In my opinion, trying to do both just made the formula too heavy to be a nice moisturizer, but not dense enough to hold to the skin as a mask. Overall, not a fan. But, if you’re in the market for a very creamy, ultra-moisturizing dry skin fix, maybe give this one a try?

Youth to the People Age Prevention Cleanser

I’m not usually a fan of cleansers in Ipsy bags, but I’ve been fairly impressed by this one. I love the idea that all the ingredients are healthy and natural and things you could literally eat. It also foams pretty well, and the formula is light but goes a long way. It is a simple, refreshing product that is great for anyone looking to try a new natural facial cleanser for a healthy, revitalizing wash!


Crown Brush C141 Small Chisel Brush


I am, on the other hand, always a fan of brushes in Ipsy bags. This one did not disappoint. It is the perfect size and shape for contour and bronzing. Neither of which I usually do very often, but this brush has definitely brought me around to it! I still don’t contour heavily, but the brush has a perfect texture for a subtle application of bronzer to add dimension. It seems sturdy and like it will last me forever too, which is great!


MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance


One thing I love about Ipsy is the opportunity to try products I never would have purchased for myself. I am not usually a high-end makeup shopper, but this product may just be a re-purchase! This primer doubles as a highlighter, adding a light shimmer and glow underneath your foundation. The formula is light and goes on feeling like a moisturizer. I’m kinda in love. Definitely recommend, especially if you’re into the glow-y highlighted look without all the blinding shimmer.

(Click the picture to shop!)

Tarte Deluxe Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Feisty


Another new favorite, instantly. This blush, true to Tarte’s standard, is a perfect go-to shade. The color fits my skin tone, although it requires a little building on my darker undertone in order to really show up, But I like that it is not overpowering and can be worn very subtly. The shade feisty is perfect and wearable with almost any look! All in all, this is definitely another highly recommend.

(Click the picture to shop- Feisty is not currently stocked, but other AMAZING shades are!)


Nice work this month, Ipsy!


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Being sick at school

Being sick at school

It sucks. Waking up with that yucky feeling that almost convinces you to skip class, until you remember you have an EXAM today! And you barely studied so it’s twice as bad! Also, you have a speech tomorrow that makes you feel even more sick […]

Yay for Blogging Awards!

Yay for Blogging Awards!

Guess what? What? My blog was nominated for a Liebster award!! Cue the confetti and party music! I would like to give a huge thank you to Deandrea at Deandrea Ashanelle for nominating me for a Liebster Award! Thank you for recognizing my blog and […]

October Ipsy Bag Reviews

October Ipsy Bag Reviews

Honestly, there’s no happier moment than checking your mailbox at school and finding out you have a package. Better yet when you go to pick it up and you can see it on the mail shelf because it’s a bright shiny pink package. Thanks to my sporadic Ipsy subscription, I just got my October package a few days ago!

I’ve been an on-and-off subscriber to Ipsy. It’s affordable at only $10/month, but sometimes when I’m at school and don’t have steady income that’s just not feasible. A girl’s gotta eat.

But this last month I re-subscribed because I was craving some new products to try out. I have been pretty impressed with what I’ve gotten! Let’s take a look.

Nail Medic Charcoal Infused Nail Polish (Shade: Lava)

Lava is a gorgeous matte lavender-grey described on the Ipsy website as “a not too prissy way to wear pastel.” The formula was a good consistency and went on smoothly. I have trouble keeping nail polish on my fingers in general. But I’ve had this one on for almost three days now with no chipping or cracking! Definitely recommend, especially in this shade.

The claim of this product is that it is infused with actual charcoal bits that protect your nails from toxins and pollutants. I haven’t really had the time to observe the protecting effects since receiving my bag. But my nails do feel a bit tougher with the polish on, not sure if that’s the charcoal doing its job or just the fact that I have nail polish on.

Context Skin Vitamin C All Day Eye Cream

I’m not a huge eye cream person, but I’m always up for trying new things. This eye cream is as lightweight as they come I think, and I did appreciate that. Some eye creams I’ve tried are basically another lotion that I have to put on top of my face moisturizer. This cream blended right into the skin and had a cooling effect.

The brightening effect I’m a little skeptical of. Although as I write this I’m checking out my under-eye circles after just having put some of this on and they do look a little less terrifying.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, refreshing eye cream and eye creams are your thing, go for it! I would definitely recommend trying it out.

Furless Black Beauty Blending Crease Brush

I love getting new brushes in my Ipsy bags! I don’t refresh my brushes often enough at all. And when I do buy new ones, they’re usually pretty cheap drugstore ones. Nothing wrong with those, and some of my favorites are inexpensive ones from Elf Cosmetics. But when I get to try one that’s a little higher end, I love it!

This brush is perfect for blending, and I’ve used it a couple times for that already. It is soft and very pliable and picks up product nicely. Nothing bad to say about this one! Definitely would recommend, and I am looking forward to trying more brushes from the brand as well.

JM Solution Water Luminous Jelly Cleanser

I’m currently using my Clean & Clear skincare, but like I said, I always like to try new things. This “jelly cleanser” is definitely different from any cleanser I’ve tried. Out of the tube, it’s pretty much like squirting clear jelly onto your hand. With my Clean & Clear cleanser, a little bit goes a very long way, and you only need a little water to foam it. Compared to that product, the jelly cleanser was a little more finicky with the foaming thing. I had to use a good-sized amount of cleanser and about a palm of water to get a good foam. The foam that forms is fairly insubstantial, so a little bit actually doesn’t go that long a way.

Overall, I’m sure it’s a good cleanser that gets the job done. I just probably wouldn’t purchase it again for myself, and I’m not sure if I would recommend it over other cleansers out there.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder

I’m a sucker for a good powder, and this one was not bad at all. The claim of reducing pores I’m not convinced of exactly. But the mattifying effect was great, and it lasts fairly well! As a pressed powder, it’s a great way to quickly touch up or buff on over foundation and concealer to set. I wasn’t blown out of the water by this product, but it was not bad either. I would recommend it as a translucent pressed powder. However, if you are looking for any coverage or a loose setting powder, I would look elsewhere.

Hope you enjoyed these reviews and will try out Ipsy or one of these products! Sign up for Ipsy by clicking here!

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Weekend Wramblings: Fall Break

Weekend Wramblings: Fall Break

My school is really funny in that it’s not funny at all how short our fall break is. It’s basically a three-day weekend. But you know what? I will take any chance I can get to justify coming back to my beloved city to see […]

Fall Finds

Fall Finds

This post contains affiliate links. The links in this post are sponsored by Nordstrom, Amazon, and ELF Cosmetics. While they are affiliate links, these are all brands that I love and trust and all my honest thoughts and opinions! Click the pictures to shop the […]

Weekend Wramblings: Free Time

Weekend Wramblings: Free Time

Free time? What’s that? A common refrain heard across college campuses in response to the question: “What do you like to do in your free time?” But free time, while limited in college, is still a thing. An arguably very important thing. In my humble […]